Ford F150 Anti Theft Won't Start

Ford F150 Anti Theft Won't Start

Ford F150 Anti Theft Won't Start. This btw, the theft light is supposed to blink every 2 seconds when key is out (as deterrent to thieves) , and should go out after it starts or in the start position longer than 2 seconds. Remove the key and then try starting the truck.

Ford F150 Anti Theft Won't StartFord F150 Anti Theft Won't Start
I have a 2003 ford F150 4.6 engine, anti theft light from

If it is not lit up anymore, turn the key back to off and leave it for a couple of minutes. Both the key and the car have a transponder chip in them, if you move the ignition switch or the key to far away then it will not start. If the key is not the correct one, this system blocks different actions to prevent the car from starting.

The Anti Theft Light Flashes And Then Eventually Slows Down And Flashes One Time, Pauses And Then Flashes Two More Times.

Take 2nd key and do the same as the first key. Basically if you have moved the black box away from where it should be then they wont match up and the car will not start. It can be very frustrating when a vehicle won’t start.there are many different issues that can cause the problem.

If The Key Is Not The Correct One, This System Blocks Different Actions To Prevent The Car From Starting.

Average repair cost is $1,000 at 119,450 miles. The did something to my steering column. I just read everyone’s replies and thank you for taking the time to reply and someone said the exact.

Sit In The Vehicle With All Doors Closed, Take 1 Key And Turn To The On Position, Right Before Start And Let It Sit There For 6 Seconds.

The system detects the false key and shuts off the power supply to. In the morning and at night, when it is really cold. If you get it started, go to an auto zone and get a computer read out to see if it will tell you what the issue is.

Intermittent Starting Problem Caused By The Anti Theft Unit In That It Won't Allow The Truck To Start.

I know there are passive anti theft codes that can indicate. That chip won’t work in case of a broken or damaged key. April 13, 2020 if you need to reset the anti theft system on a ford f150 you should :

Step 1 Insert Your First Programmed Key Into The Car's Ignition And Turn It To The On Position.

They were unable to steal it because of the security system. This is normally a black box or cylinder with a wired plug going to it. Try your spare key in case the chip has failed in your primary key.

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